Dreamers & Lovers: Happy #Molecule6!

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They were dreamers. But not regular dreamers. They were courageous dreamers who had the inner power to fight and succeed. Six years ago they started writing a fabulous story called Dreamers & Lovers. You figured it out—it’s a biography. They are the Dreamers. They found their way, they found their place, but most important, they found their Lovers. Together they’re not afraid to dream their lives away.

Last night, at the #molecule6 party, we were all invited to celebrate the accomplishment of their dream. It was more than a celebration, it was an invitation, an invitation to dream their dream. And what a beautiful dream that was. We’ve entered a world full of love, beauty, empowerment, courage, stand out achievements—we entered the Molecule-F world.

For six years, Mirela Bucovicean, Cerina Ratiu, and the Molecules have taught us how to #proudlywearromaniandesigners. For six years, they represent the epitome of Romanian fashion. For six years, they have dreamt and saw their dreams come to life. For six years, they have spread their love and made our world a better world. Happy anniversary, dear Molecule-F! May you never be afraid to dream. And to dream big. Success only comes to those who dream and live to make their dreams come true.

For this event, I wore two of my favourite Romanian brands, Mihaela Glavan and Skin Deep. Proudly wear Romanian designers, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous

mirela_molecuf MoleculeF_1 MoleculeF_3jpg MoleculeF_2jpg MoleculeF_6ani MoleculeF_6ani_1

I AM WEARING: “O. My Love” T-Shirt – SkinDeep x Ovidiu Muresanu; Pants – Zara; Shoes – Mihaela Glavan; Wristwatch – Casio; Charms – Malvenski

Band of Creators Goes to #Futureland

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Last week, Band of Creators launched a daring challenge, inviting us to take a sneak peek journey to #FutureLand. Held at the World Trade Center Plaza, the show featured ten Romanian designers who showcased their propositions on how the future of fashion should look like. The evening was closed by Venera Arapu.

From geometrical designs, to fringes, neoprene, retro prints, or floral canvas the show had it all. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Ioana Ciolacu, one of the brightest young Romanian designers, put forth the best collection. The mix of neoprene, tweed, and fringes is very now, while the clothes are both streetwear ready and runway worthy.
  • Ana Maria Gal had a really fresh take on Romanian heritage.
  • There’s something so fragile, yet tough in Diana Flore‘s garments. The mix of hard and soft is marked by both the fabrics and the contrasting colours. Her woman looks very psycho like, though confident and powerful.
  • Oana Lupas and Magdalena Butnariu propose a very feminine future for women’s fashion; while the first opted for floral prints and transparency, the latter showcased an eco-friendly collection, where nature is strongly incorporated into the garments, both as part of the textiles, as well as the ultimate accessory.

Check out my favourite looks below:

Diana Flore




Ana Maria Gal



Oana Lupas




Magdalena Butnariu




Ioana Ciolacu







Venera Arapu





Photos: © Band of Creators

#MustHave: Brancusi Items

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One of the biggest hits of 2014 is Brancusi inspired apparel and jewelry. From tees to bracelets, many Romanian designers have found inspiration in the sculptor’s larger-than-life persona and his amazing creations. I like and strongly encourage the trend. I think it’s fantastic that we are finally going back to our roots and start exploring our rich Romanian heritage.

Brancusi’s artwork has long inspired fashion, but I feel it had reached another audience this year by making the pieces a bit more cool/hip/funky (see the modern Brancusi on the Lana x Britnic tee) or a bit more accessible.

Below is a selection of my favourite Brancusi items, comprising the lovely Malvensky Charms Infinity ring and bracelet (made of white or yellow gold), the glamorous Laura Lazar Brancusi tee collection, and the always fabulous Lana x Britnic tee. These are all statement, versatile pieces that can be styled up or down depending on the case. Wear them and become an exquisite ambassador for Romania’s powerhouse artwork.

Malvensky charms_white1Malvensky charms_gold3



brancusi tee laura lazar

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