And here it is. I am excited to share with you some great news. A few weeks ago I had my first runway show, styling the 24h collection by Braiconf. The show was part of a fundraising event organized on July 2 at the Promenada Mall.

When the people from DallesGo proposed me Braiconf,  I have to admit I was quite skeptical. The first thing that popped to mind was a hilarious shopping experience with a friend who went there to buy a shirt—it wasn’t good! That being said, I accepted the challenge and, as always, I jumped head first. My mantra says everything happens for a reason, thus—not surprisingly—I got to love the brand. Although there are flaws (with the fit, lack of smaller sizes, as well as the overall brand communication), this experience proved to me that, with the appropriate styling, Braiconf has tons of potential.

24h is a sort of capsule collection, which is designed to show range. The outfits are suitable for a man who needs to look sharp, yet impeccable while making the transition from a stylish day at work to a glamour soiree. This man is strong, confident, and has a rich social life. Whether we are talking about a special event or a more relaxed meeting with friends or colleagues, 24h is the answer.

Making Of

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 Runway Show



Photos: © Bogdan Bobocescu