According to Alex Chițu, “the goal of the Budget Your Style project is to point out that people can look amazing in ‘cheap’ clothes. ‘New’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘better.’ Vintage shops can be a place where you can discover your originality, reinvent, and branding yourself with a bold outfit.”

When it comes to clothes, the battle is not between “cheap” vs. “expensive,” but more between “cheap” vs. “expensive looking.” The reason why I instantly loved this idea is because this project is such a great reminder to people that fashion is not about money; it’s about being creative, having fun, and making smart shopping decisions. A while back I shared my personal shopping tips. Applying those suggestions prevents me from investing a fortune in my wardrobe. Smart shopping enables you to get those “expensive looking” clothes without considerably hurting your budget.

Below is my version of a #BudgetYourStyle outfit. Hope you’ll get inspired, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous


I AM WEARING: T-Shirt, Shorts, Jacket, Bag – Zara; Sunglasses – ASOS; Sneakers – Nike Air Max 

Photo: © Alex Chițu Photographer