Pack Your Bags: The White Holiday Shirt

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I have to tell you an embarrassing secret about me: I’m awful at packing. It’s probably because I kinda hate it and I never allocate enough time to do it properly. I always pack last minute, pilling everything I can get my hands on into the suitcase, without really considering the destination, the climate, or my needs there. Yeah, I’m that guy who didn’t pack bathing shorts for his trip to Athens, or a suit for his business trip to the US. Luckily someone thought of a way to ease my packing pain.

Many say your one must-have travel item is a white shirt—and I tend to agree. With this in mind, Noemi Meilman joined forces with Alina Rachieru from Pineberry to create a limited edition of unisex white shirts just perfect for our holidays. Of course, we’re not talking about some plain white shirts, but of something with a twist, with a story. On the back of these shirts we can find two holiday pics from Noemi’s personal archive, each accompanied by a special message—Palms&Charms, respectively Where the Palm Trees are—written by Marina Moldovan in her trademark Skin Deep font.

The collection has been launched and you can order your shirt online from the Pineberry website, or buy it from the Molecule F Concept Store in Promenada Mall. The price is 150 RON.

Which shirt will you pack for your holiday this summer, Fabulous People? My favourite is the Palms&Charms one ;-) .






Noemi Meilman (left) and Alina Rachieru, Pineberry Shirts, (left) are the ones responsible for cooking this fabulous project.






The shooting featured Diana Marasoiu and Florin Ioanitescu who blog about their holiday stories on





Photos: © Felicia Simion / Location: The Brewery / Hairstyle: Magda Soare / Make up: Oana Busuioc

#TrendAlert: Men in Furs

USA-UK-AUS ONLY Violent Fujitive Kanye West at the Givenchy Fashion show in Paris



It’s been a few years now since furs (i.e. faux or natural) have been introduced on the runway as the ultimate accessory for men. However, I feel like the trend has began to gain #streetstyle relevance once the always controversial Kanye West opted to cover his precious self in the most glamorous, lavish fur coats.

Like any top-down trend, the item began to have mass-market appeal this winter, proving that furs for men are no longer an option only for the world’s rich and famous.

As with any item that is trendy, furs provide a wide range to satisfy from conservators to the most daring men. A neutral collar, be it beige or black, adorned to your office trench can be a great option if you fit in the first category. For the extravagant ones—those who are confident enough to push the limit—a red fur coat will surely make them stand out from the crowd.

I personally would opt for a collar, probably in a neutral colour, bigger in size, that I wouldn’t necessarily wear with a trench coat—but rather over a sweater or a white shirt.

Here are a few suggestions to help you make your pick! Be daring, be furry, be fabulous! Remember, #WeAreFabulous










Shop the Amsterdam Shopping Heaven

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Having lived in Amsterdam for close to two years I can vouch for it being a shopping heaven.

The city is most renowned for its vintage shops. The best ones, or at least the most famous, are Zipper (on Nieuwe Hoogstraat 10 WKL) and Episode (either on Waterlooplein 1 or in De 9 Straatjes area). Although I don’t usually buy staff, I enjoy tremendously just going and looking at the vintage clothes on display. It’s more than shopping, it’s an experience! As a guy your options are sort of limited, but as a girl you can surely find some unique, fabulous vintage attire. I totally recommend you to mark these stores on your map next time you visit Amsterdam.

AmsterdamSH_1 AmsterdamSH_2 AmsterdamSH_4 AmsterdamSH_5 AmsterdamSH_6 AmsterdamSH_8 AmsterdamSH_7

If you are more into wearable clothing, Kalverstraat is the place to be. I love this area because it has some of my favourite brands like Zara, River Island, or the recently-opened Urban Outfitters. You will also find here H&M, Pull&Bear, Monky, Bershka, or Forever 21.

If you want something a bit more posh and elegant, the city is full of small boutiques, which offer a nice array of big branded vs. lesser-known Dutch designer items. Although they are present throughout the city, probably De 9 Straatjes area is the best for this kinda shopping.

AmsterdamSH_9 AmsterdamSH_10 AmsterdamSH_11

If you are interested in designer clothes, you have all the big names in Amsterdam. Prada, Dolce&Gabbana, Burberry, there’s all here and the area near Museumplein and the prestigious Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat is probably the best place to start your shopping journey.

Last shopping highlight in Amsterdam, at least for me, is Scotch&Soda, the Dutch brand famous for it’s sophisticated, sharp urban style.


Not to mention that I looove sales and they have the best sales ever here. If you come here during the month of January or July, make sure to get an extra luggage ;-) .

That being said, I am sure you’ve all booked a trip to Amsterdam soon, right?

Photos: © Sorin Istrate

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