C&A AW16 Launch: Nature’s Elements

Last week, at the launch of its AW16 collection, C&A gave us a glimpse of what fashion to wear this upcoming fall. Kid you not, this summer won’t last forever and we better be prepared ;) .

Believing that nature should be part of everyday life, C&A created Nature’s Elements, a collection filled with autumnal textures, with rich boucles and felted fabrics taking center stage. Using the great outdoors as inspiration, the clothes are made out of organic textures and delicate feminine detailing, while the colour direction is marked by the changing seasons—autumnal tones shift to icy pastels, with later deliveries in dark and dramatic winter shades.

For me, the standout looks are those in picture #1 below: the floral maxi skirt and browm overalls, both bohemian inspired, with strong roots in rural romanticism. There also a complementary line of amazing accessories (very delicate cuffs and statement rings), which pleasantly impressed me. Oh, not to mention the setting—it was stunning. Kudos to Emanuel Iuhas for the great work. I was instantly transpose into your fairytale forest, Emanuel.

Maybe it’s a bit early to ask this question, but what is it that gets you excited when you think about your fall wardrobe? For me, it’s always the wrapping jackets that are warm and fluffy.

Ok ok, let’s get to the present now. We still have a full summer ahead of us and we need t make it fabulous. It’s another #SummerOnMyMind, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous



ca_nature_elements_3 ca_nature_elements_4 ca_nature_elements_5 ca_nature_elements_6 ca_nature_elements_7

Photos: © Magda Gheorghe Photography