The Mockingbird Sings: Why So Serious?!

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Taking photo shoots should be serious business, right? Well, not when the mockingbird sings otherwise. And like a good boy, I obey. The result is an unconventional shoot in which, in addition to having tons of fun, I wanted to touch upon a few pressing issues:

1. Own the fakies.

There’s no bigger crime in the world of fashion than to wear fake items. The hideous fake Chanels or Louis Vuittons will never resemble the orginal—they’re just cheap replicas! However, designers don’t always reinvent the wheel. Some take inspiration from their fellas (probably more than they should). Let’s say that’s more or less acceptable, but if you’re going to “steal,” at least admit it and give credits. Zara is a brand that does that. I hesitated before buying the floral bomber jacket below. I liked it a lot, but it resembled too much the Yohji Yamamoto print, so I considered it a fakie. After a continuous back and forth, I finally bought it (I also bought some orginal Y3 items, btw). I know it’s a fakie, so I am wearing as such.

2. Wear those items you feel comfortable in.

OK, OK, you are tired of seeing these shorts. I get it. But the truth is there’s so fucking comfortable, I could wear then 24h, all summer long. To my defense, I cite the mockingbird. She told me to have some fun. Damn it, they’re my favourite item, what can I do? Please excuse this guilty pleasure of mine :P .

3. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

I admit, I always try to get the most perfect pictures. Those in which I have the best pose and look fabulous. However, as said in the beginning, this is an unconventional shoot, so here are just some of my funny poses and faces.

serious_fun_1 serious_fun_2 serious_fun_4 serious_fun_5 serious_fun_9 serious_fun_7 serious_fun_8

I AM WEARING: Shorts, Floral Bomber Jacket – Zara; T-Shirt – Pull&Bear; Sunglasses – Jeepers Peepers; Sneakers – Bensimon; Bracelets – Malvensky Charms, Alexander McQueen Cuff

Photos: © Crina Stanciu