Wake Me Up When the Summer Ends

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My oh my, I really procrastinated this summer. It was so hot that all I did these past months was to hide away from the sun and try to keep cool. I cannot function when it’s this hot. I sweat, I get heatstroke, so I found it challenging to be outside. Luckily, with the apartment still not 100% ready, there were quite a few things that kept me busy indoors.

However, if the last few days were some sort of indication, it seems that the heat has gone and the much-awaited fall is almost here. This was also a wake-up call that I should put an end to procrastination and start resuming life as it once was—which also means getting back to my blogging activities.

So today, after a few days that were washed out by rain, I finally put my new favourite sunglasses on, took my Cos trench, and headed out for a photoshoot. It was so nice to be able to wear long pants again, not to mention a trench—I bought this trench during my May getaway in Germany, but this is just the second time I got to wear it.

As said, procrastination has to end. The heat has gone, the apartment is ready, so I literary have no excuse. I promise I’ll stop be too lazy to blog, so make sure to keep an eye on here. “If there’s a will, there’s a way,” says one of my favourite quotes, so I’ll just make sure to remind myself this more often.

Let’s enjoy a fabulous fall, Fabulous People! Remember, #WeAreFabulous

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I AM WEARING: Jeans, Shoes – Zara; Sunglasses – Jeepers Peepers; Trench – Cos; T-Shirt – Topman; Bracelets – Malvensky Charms

Photos: © Madalin Ciobotaru

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