Will You Still LOVE Me Tomorrow, Valentine?

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LOVE. Everybody wants love. Everybody is constantly looking for love. However, there’s a catch to this love fairytale—it always comes with a lot of headaches. It’s not easy. If you are lucky you find love, then it’s a constant fight to keep hold of it, to nurture it to grow deeper, to make it stand the test of time. It’s a stiff challenge of your determination.

As said, we all want love. Some out of fear of being alone, others because it’s their right, it follows the natural course of life—you get born, you fall in love, you get married, you have kids, you die. I too am looking for love for all the selfish reasons. I want it to complement me, to give me positive energy, to help me become better. The fantasy of love is so charming that it easily fools us. Many times we fake love. We make believe that we have found love. We pretend that we are happy in a couple, although deep inside we very well know that’s not the case. I’ve reached the maturity to say that I AM NOT MADE for such LOVE. I won’t compromise ;) .

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I AM WEARING: Jeans – ASOS; T-Shirt, Jacket, Bag, Belt – Zara; Glasses – H&M; Shoes – Mihaela Glavan; Wristwatch – Aldo

Photos: © Alexandru Diaconu