The Pretty Woman & Her Million $$$ Smile


She Slept with the Enemy before becoming a Runaway Bride. She showed grit and determination while giving birth to the fearless Erin Brockovich. She Prayed, Ate, and Loved before coming back to face the Osage County hell. She witnessed the Confessions of a Dangerous Mind while attending Her Best Friend’s Wedding. She uncovered the Conspiracy Theory while being a Stepmom. She gave people Something to Talk About with her Notting Hill affair. She solved The Pelican Brief with her Steel Magnolia character. Last, but not least, she came Closer and close to becoming America’s Sweetheart before finally succeeding.


#DeninONdenim Love – Part 1


Winter is coming and I am already feeling soooo lazy and scared of the nasty weather that it took me ages to shoot another outfit. But I finally did it. I wrapped myself in a blanket, put my Aviators on, found a brave photographer who agreed to freeze with me, and faced the cold. My latest suggestion to you—which will be covered in this 2-part series—is #denimONdenim.


Alina’s Swagger Jagger


Alina is my oldest and most faithful “client”—there’s a reason why she’s my BFF ;-) . My fashion journey basically began with her asking me to buy her clothes—whatever “you like and think would fit me.” Luckily, we have similar fashion taste, so it’s extremely easy to shop for her—it is like shopping for my female version.


New York, New York!


New York is crazy. New York is mad. New York is an experience, it’s an energy, it’s an attitude, it’s a state of mind. While spending six days there with my best friend, we’ve experienced it all. Endless walks up and down Broadway, tremendous cold in Central Park, tasty burgers and Dunkin’ Donuts, the best play production in the Phantom of the Opera, not to mention the shopping—Century 21 was really a #shoptilludrop experience —are just some of the highlights.


October Is #AllAbout #NewYork – Part 6


To all those visiting New York, a trip to Coney Island is a must. The site is not great—it actually looks like a Scary Movie setting with the deserted amusement parks and the evil clowns. However, it’s definitely an experience. We went there on the last day, and we’ve actually been there for less than an hour, but it was just enough to take a few pics.


October Is #AllAbout #NewYork – Part 3


Tennis is my other big passion (see my TennisMoods blog), so I’ve always wanted to visit the US Open venue in Flushing Meadows, in the Queens borough. The USTA Billy Jean King National Tennis Center homes the Open every year, with all the big matches being played on the Arthur Ashe, the world’s largest tennis-specific stadium with a capacity of 22,547 spectators.

Near the courts, in the beautiful Corona Park, you can find the fabulous Unisphere—this is where all the US Open champion pictures are being taken every year. So what better place to shoot the third #AllAbout #NewYork look than this one?


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